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This template simulates substitution of incoming dialog parameters for template parameters in a wiki text.


Specify the wiki text through template parameter text. Specify the name and value of an incoming dialog parameter through template parameters nk and vk for integer k in the range from 1 to 20 (as of this writing).


would expand to


Template parameters are only substituted for if their default value in text does not contain any nested curly braces; thus, given markup {{{foo|{{{bar|quux}}}}}}, incoming dialog parameter bar would be substituted for, but not incoming dialog parameter foo. (This faithfully reproduces a limitation of dialog substitution for incoming dialog parameters.)

Reserved dialog parameters are not automatically handled.

If the value substituted for a parameter contains certain characters with format meaning in wiki markup, those characters are not naively substituted in, but instead are replaced by wiki markup for calls to suitable character-substitution templates, just as dialog substitution does to preserve parse structure.


would expand to


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