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Correction — {{{date}}}
[edit] Template-info.svg Template documentation

This template is to be used for pages that need to be corrected. If the article is recent enough to simply correct then re-publish, then don't use this template. If it has been at least one day, then use this template instead.

To see a list of articles that use this template, see Category:Corrected articles.

Usual syntax

| date=Date you publish the correction
| explanation=The correction you have to make, plus an article related to the error if applicable

There is also an optional parameter label that can be used to override the Correction label in the banner. For example,

| label=Notice
| date=February 29, 2009
| explanation=Some dates in this article may be inaccurate.

would produce

Notice — February 29, 2009
Some dates in this article may be inaccurate.