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Upon becoming aware of this incident, I started by making a call to the BBC Broadcasting House in Llandaff, Cardiff. This number was returning a message saying it was out of service - this was due to the power failure having affected incoming calls by knocking out the PBX and Switchboard for the building.

My first call was to an unlisted service I am a member of, which controls the transmission base across the UK and is run by Arqiva Broadcast, in Huddersfield. I advised them of this situation, and they informed me that they had only just become aware and were investigating.

A call was then placed to BBC Information in Belfast, who advised me of the cause of the service outage and the circumstances surrounding the incident. They also stated at the time of this call that they had no reasonable timeframe for the restoration of services.

I then called BBC Reception Advice, who advised that the services on analogue, Digital Terrestrial TV and Satellite were all out, and being rerouted via a Rebroadcast System (also known as an RBS), which meant that BBC1 and 2 were receiving RBS Feeds from BBC Northern Ireland, and BBC Radio Cymru was being simulcast with Radio 4 Long Wave, London. The BBC Radio Wales feed was out due to the number of Rebroadcasts already under way, causing an overload to the RBS.

I then carried out a scan of my Sky Satellite installation, confirming the details provided by the BBC, that Radio Wales was out of service, BBC Radio Cymru was carrying an RBS of Radio 4, and BBC TV was receiving continuity and attachments from BBC Northern Ireland, and news from BBC West of England.

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