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Original research


(performed Friday July 24)

  • Phoned Ulla Andren, Vestas Northern Europe listed media contact, on publicly-listed phone numbers


  • Identified self as Edmund Schluessel, freelance reporter writing for Wikinews
  • Asked for statement about Vestas. Left message.
  • Landline: Recorded message says switchboard closed, call 004597305000
  • Mobile: Ms Andren is on vacation to 3 August
  • Paddy Weir 01983824719
  • Phoned Mr Weir, left message

(performed July 29)

  • Phoned Alliance for Workers Liberty.
  • Spokesman gave the statement: "the Alliance for Workers Liberty gives our full support to the Vestas workers." ""We think this struggle is important on at least three grounds -- it is central to the struggle for jobs, it is central to the struggle for the environment, and it is central to the struggle for rebuilding the labour movement".



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