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Game four - Thursday 12:30Edit

  • Cathedral Square, Sydney
  • Warm day. 22.9 C according to the board. Feels warmer.
  • New Zealand v Australia
    • Wheel Blacks in white, Steelers in green
  • Australia scores six straight goals in second quarter. Puts New Zealand right under the hammer early.
  • 11-14 (1/4 time) 18-30 (1/2 time) 29-44 (3/4 time) 41-57 (final)
  • Good duel between Ryley Batt and Barney Konerferisi

Game five - Thursday 17:30Edit

  • Cathedral Square, Sydney
  • Night, under lights
  • New Zealand v United States
  • Bigger crowd than game at this time the night before, but still plenty of space.
  • Chuck Aoki is No. 1, not No. 5 as in the program
  • United States really goo, in control the whole game through
  • 8-17 (1/4 time) 15-33 (1/2 time) 25-47 (3/4 time) 36-62 (final)

Game six - Thursday 19:30Edit

  • Cathedral Square, Sydney
  • Night, under lights
  • Australia v. United States
  • Big crowd. Filled the entire arena. Packed. Plenty of people standing.
  • Video of Australian team at the village in London (sniff)
  • Ad of Shelley Cronau telling people not to binge drink. Have seen everything now.
  • Australia has only beaten the US once in the last seven years. We know what happened then.
  • Australia opens with three straight goals
  • Game paused for quite a while while referees, officials and coaches argued about whether Ryley Batt scored the last one or not. He tumbled as he went over the line. Score disallowed in the end.
  • This gives the US a chance to catch up. Score is 14-15 at quarter time, after a last minute US score is counted.
  • Crowd rocks to AC/DC track at half time. Really getting excited.
  • Steelers show their stuff. Strong defence causes timeouts and subsequent turnovers
  • Ryan Scott prompts two turnovers. Face lights up as the crowd cheer and call his name.
  • 47-39 at 3/4 time
  • Australian defence has all the answers. Forces more turnovers.
  • US has rotated players several times. Australia has stuck with its opening lineup: Batt, Bind, Erdem and Scott.
  • In the last minutes, Australia has a poewerplay, stretching the lead to 61-51.
  • Chris Bond intercepts. Bang! Another quick score.
  • Australia wins 64-53. Crowd goes wild.

Game Seven (Semi Final - 2nd v 3rd)Edit

  • Cathedral Square, Sydney
  • 12:00 Friday 20 September 2013
  • Warm day. 20.3 C according to the board. Feels warmer.
  • Australia v. New Zealand
    • Wheel Blacks in black, Steelers in green
    • NZ does the Haka.
  • Newtown High School in attendence
  • Unlike last night, Australia is not fielding the Big four. At least not much. Only Batt OR Bond for most of game. Big Four deployed just before half time, and again in the last four minutes.
  • 14-10 (1/4 time) 28-025 (1/2 time) 47-36 (3/4 time) 62-45 (final)

Game Eight (Final)Edit

  • Cathedral Square, Sydney
  • 17:00 Friday 20 September 2013
  • Game started in light, but it got dark
  • United States v Australia
    • Australia in gold, US in white
  • Commentator calls it "Friday Night Footy"
  • Australia took off to a three-goal lead, but the US fought back with good defensive plays, tying the score at 14-all at quarter time
  • The US scored three straight in the second quarter to take a 29-25 lead at half time
  • Great defence by the Steelers 43-40 at half time
  • A miss by the US and Batt cuts their lead to two
  • US discipline holds, final score is 58-54


  • Greg Hartung, President of the APC, presents the medals
  • Players from all teams voted for the MVP. Ryley batt.


Australia uses a mix of hi and low point players; the US uses mostly mid-point players.

Team 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5
Australia Naz Erdem
Ben Fawcett
Ryan Scott
Jason Lees Cameron Carr
Andrew Harrison
Josh Hose Ryley Batt
Chris Bond
United States Clayton Braun
Jeremy Briown
Chad Cohn Chuck Melton
Ernie Chun
Eric Newby
Derrick Helton
John Delagrave
Eric Chase
Josh Wheeler Chuck Aoki
New Zealand Gavin Rolton Phil Spring
Adam Wakeford
Chris Lay Sholto Taylor
Rob Hewitt
Clayton Utia
Don Buckingham Barney Konerferisi

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