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Why is this published? Better yet, why is it Breaking News? Some old guy saw some lights above his house and is bold enough to claim that they must be from another planet. He worked in the air force! He should know that not all UFO's are alien spaceships. UFO = Unidentified Flying Object. It's simply a flying object that remains to be identified. He probably saw a plane or a bright star.

This is not news for three main reasons.

  1. UFO sightings have never been confirmed to be true, and there are too many claims to let one person be taken seriously simply because of his status as an Air Force Colonel.
  2. His account is filled with too many assumptions and improbabilities. Rational people don't say that the light in the sky is from another world simply because of the nature of the light. Even if it was some sort of alien technology affecting the behavior of light, he has never seen light manipulated in such a way that it would be identifiable as alien technology. Furthermore, it sounds made up because someone who steps outside and genuinely believes that they are looking at a spacecraft from another world would not just stare at it and take note of what it looked like and how it was behaving. A rational person would worry more about what said craft was doing above their house, and what exactly the purpose of the crafts lightshow was other than an attempt at looking badass.
  3. His photograph is an out of focus picture of a yellow/orange light source. The fact that the "Scientists" who analyzed this noticed that there was a silhouette that could maybe look like a humanoid life form sitting at the controls of an aircraft before they noticed that the picture they were analyzing looks strikingly like an out of focus picture of a yellow/orange light source makes me question exactly what kind of "Scientists" they are. More importantly, they failed to explain why, if there was a humanoid being on board the ship, their silhouette was visible in a picture taken from the ground (quite a long distance away) with the zoom all the way up. Also, they never saw the silhouette until they ran it through photoshop and converted it to black and white (something that causes strange shapes to appear in just about any photograph).

There are too many UFO stories on wikinews, and I really don't get it. A wikimedia project should have more quality articles than this... 19:40, 19 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

NOTE: The article is no longer breaking news, but it was when I first read this article.

It sort of goes with the territory the a UFO story is way over my head :P -Edbrown05 08:27, 20 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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