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The Greek pilot has not been declared dead yet, so let's not kill the guy off before the search and rescue operation is concluded. Also, Flight Information Regions and national airspace are not the same thing.--Jsone 20:41, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

I don't think many people survive high-speed mid-air collisions. Nontheless, maybe he ejected in time, so let's give the poor guy the benefit of the doubt.PVJ Flag of India.svg 08:19, 24 May 2006 (UTC)
According to the Times, the Turkish pilot ejected and was rescued by a passing vessel. The Greek pilot was killed.PVJ Flag of India.svg


Illegal occupatin of Cyprus? Violation of Greek air space? Dear Greek friend, come on get real, Cyprus divided because Greeks were about to mess up, in 1974, since then piece rules over for both nations's people in Cyprus island (you have to thank to Turks). Secondly, you reckon Turkish flight crew really violated Greek air space? If yes, why did not your air force shoot them down by SS-300 out-dated Russian ground to air missiles (perhaps SS-300s failed to launch LOL) while they were flying above the Greek island with a photographic evidence? 4 Turkish F16's were escorting a RF-4 that was in a training program (not loaded with geo-camera equipments) which was previously reported to NATO/AC. Before you make a comment , please be sure what the hell are you talking about. Thirdly, Greek pilots are good (individually, but in this accident Greek wingmen had to warn Greek pilot to safely eject just before collision). Also, your side claims that it had happened in Greek zone , whilst Turkish air-force denies as it occured International flight zone that has been witnessed by Egyption passenger plane also sat-tracking devices. Dude, listen, I know reality hurts but get real. We, Turks are also saddened by the death of Greek pilot and never wish, this kind of incidents take place.

Please do not be offended and try to be friends as we always regard Greeks as friends.

This is for the Greek pilot: Dear Illiakis, may your place be heaven and god bless your soul. My symphaties goes to your family and your loved ones. I wish non of this ever happened.

Greetings Alex the Turk

  The native inhabitants of the Aegean Sea, the western coast of the Anatolian land mass, & Cyprus are Greek since antiquity. Turks only made their way westward through war & should be pushed back east in the same manor. They've destroyed Christian World Heritage sites everywhere that they occupy. They should have shot down the turkish plane upon conformation that it was just that.
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