Talk:Ties found between Abu Ghraib prison abuse and Guantanamo Bay

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Using intimidation and other tactics is just WRONG! The solution is to be calm and respectable, and understand that these people are DIFFERENT than us. We should politely ask them for the information we want, and if they refuse we should just accept that and do nothing else. After all, these people have rights provided by the Geneva convention. Someday the conservative Republican's will wake up and realize that these people are humans too, and deserve to be treated as such!

Apparently a sarcastic (and anonymous) remark. Most detainees who were abused at Abu Ghraib were later released after it was determined that they were innocent. Prisoner rights are not provided by the Geneva convention but rather are recognized by them, with treatment guidelines specified for detainees. By not following these guidelines this US military policy endangers the lives and well-being of all US military personnel in the field. user:NatureBoy

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