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This article needs more NPOV. It seems to be criticizing Mexico heavily. There is no evidence given in the article that these incidents were in any way related to nationality, though the commentary reflects that idea. While the fact that the previous victims mentioned were also Canadian is interesting, it really has nothing to do with it. I would take a wild guess and say that Mexican tourists in Canada run an equal risk. Statistically, all travelers and immigrants, regardless of origin or destination, are common targets for crime. But then, crime is not uncommon in Canada either, or in most other countries. It is only when we can blame another country that we magically assume that the crime was related to nationality. Whether it was accidental or intentional or even related (and the article reflects that facts are unclear, though apparently the family and the original author have already reached their conclusions), a jealous boyfriend acting rashly is a very common occurrence in every country on earth. Imagine if this had happened to a Canadian visiting the US. This kind of thing happens in the US all the time, of course, though not necessarily to Canadians. Would the victim's uncle have said "the pain in my heart is not just for my nephew; it's for any Canadian -- you go out to have a good time and this is what happens.... When you think the US, think twice"? Probably not. The fact that the victim was Canadian would be only considered incidental, because it would be incidental. I posit that it IS. The article should not agree with the victim's uncle in saying "When you think Mexico, think twice," but should instead say, "when you think international travel or when you think of making her boyfriend jealous, think twice!"

Again, there is no proof or even evidence that this death was related to nationality, and the Ianiero case therefore has no bearing on this one. I think we should remove the word "Third" from the title of the article and replace the references to the Ianiero case with a paragraph like this one: While this is a tragedy, it is important to remember that all international travel carries inherent risks of crime or accident. It is likely but uncertain that jealousy was involved. Jealousy is a universal human trait, and therefore this situation could have also occurred in Canada, and it should not be assumed that Mexico is necessarily a more dangerous destination than any other, despite the conclusions drawn by the victim's family. So when you think international travel or when you think of making her boyfriend jealous, think twice!

--Cromwellt, 11 January, 2006 (login problems)

Cancun and Acapulco are not the same "destination" as the article suggest. They are far away from each other.

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