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Thanks for the story, Carlosar!

Just one question so far - how are we supposed to evaluate the Spanish-language citations here on en.wikinews?

Those of us who don't read Spanish must assume that you have faithfully conveyed the substance of the sources used for this story.

This isn't a black and white issue, as a lot of important news is only written in other languages, and we need more diversity on Wikinews.

Perhaps the Spanish language sources should only be cited on es.wikinews, and the English sources should be used on en.wikinews?

I trust you are doing your best, but it's a good idea for all of us to be able to double-check each other's work, by checking the sources for a story when evaluating its contents.

DV 21:19, 8 Mar 2005 (UTC)

You are right about certain things at some extent. It is difficult for non Spanish speakers to check the stories which sources are written in Spanish. However, we must account that the best sources (and sometimes the only sources) are written in Spanish (since some events are happening in countries whose first language is Spanish). So, I if we use only English sources, some events will not be covered because there are not English sources for them, or because the English sources are too inacurate. Also I think it is not too much acceptable by other users the publishing of stories without sources or with not good ones.

There are some free translation tools available. I can suggest the use of these tools as a partial solution. They are not perfect, but they are better than nothing. Also I think there are another users here in en.Wikinews who speak both English and Spanish or English and Portuguese.

We can highly suggest the use of the English language, as much as possible. I have tried to find good sources in English for some articles. I can try to use more English sources from now. But I would like to continue to use some sources in Spanish since these sources are the original sources or they are the only one available.

These are some of my considerations. I dont have another ideas at this moment. We could see what other users think, maybe someone has a better idea.

I will try to describe our considerations bellow:

  • Problem:Non English sources or references are difficult to be checked by the most part of users in en.Wikinews (since the most part only speak English).
  • Possible solution:Use only English language in en.Wikinews.
  • Possible problem related to the solution: Some events don't have sources written in English language. If we use only English sources, it is impossible to cover some events properly (or at least prove the claims in the text).
  • Possible alternate solution: Use non English sources but do your best to use more English sources. Put at least a good English source.

Also I will try to find from now, more alternative texts written in English. I can still cite the Spanish sources, but I will publish more English sources. You have to continue to remind me about these issues. I am trusting that my articles are been correctly revised and evaluated by you.--Carlosar 00:50, 9 Mar 2005 (UTC)

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