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Original reporting edit

IRC transcript, beginning 15:30 GMT+1 April 14th

  • <Fiiup> the tamil demonstrations have startet up again.
  • <St-Lemur_> Fiiup: getting good photos?
  • <Fiiup> im sick today :/
  • <St-Lemur_> ah well
  • <St-Lemur_> we can use some from last time, if you've got 'em
  • <Fiiup> they got permision untill friday.
  • <St-Lemur_> who did, the protesters?
  • <QCoder00> Didn't the last round of Tamil protests get ugly? (assuming you mean the ones in London)
  • <Fiiup> the one sec.
  • <St-Lemur_> Fiiup: nothing's hit the English news yet, we can scoop this if we work fast.
  • You are now known as St-Lemur
  • <Fiiup> they got permisjon from parlaimant untill friday this week
  • <Fiiup> they are not alowd to sleep over ont the front lawn of the building, they are not permited to stay all day
  • <Fiiup> btw it was handled by the administrativ people they have also given an apologi for what happend in the embassy
  • <St-Lemur> ok, so let's take it a piece at a time.
  • <St-Lemur> Who's demonstrating, exactly -- the Tamil community in Norway, or representatives of the Tamil Tigers, or who?
  • <Fiiup> the tamil community
  • <St-Lemur> OK. And how are they demonstrating -- peacefully, violently? Waving signs, throwing rocks, chanting slogans, lighting candles?
  • <Fiiup> St-Lemur: peacefully.
  • <St-Lemur> OK. Where specifically? Lawn of the Norwegian parliament building in Oslo?
  • <Fiiup> mhm
  • <Fiiup> the cortyard or what ever you want to call it
  • <St-Lemur> OK. What are the Tamils protesting about? An end to the civil war, in support of the LTTE, for independence for Tamil Elam?
  • <Fiiup> they want the norwegian govermant to stop the sri lankan army from kiling more sivilians in the war sone
  • <Fiiup> they are in suport of the ltte
  • <St-Lemur> OK. And what are your sources for this: what you've seen yourself, what you've heard from demostrators, or sources in the Norwegian media?
  • <Fiiup> the sources is a journalist on site
  • <St-Lemur> OK. Any way you can get him or her in here to verify this? Otherwise it's secondhand, which is OK but if that's so we'd like to know who the journalist is.
  • <Fiiup> it has been confirmd by the tamils them selvs.
  • <St-Lemur> OK. So you personally have talked to the Tamil demonstrators?
  • <Fiiup> yeas, yeasterday
  • <St-Lemur> Cool, then this is all original reporting.
  • <Fiiup> mhm
Indeed some of the info in the article relies on the above - good :). One unclarity - and the assumption I'm working on: The info on which days and modalities of demonstration are first hand from yesterday - but the info that the demonstration today is peaceful is from the journalist ? I'd be surprised if otherswise, so I'm passing on verifyability. Sean Heron (talk) 19:02, 14 April 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

notes edit

Am looking to review - just some sources I'll be using.

Review edit

- just changed the review id to the current change (by me) - I changed "demonstrators claimed that Sri Lanka targetted Tamil civilians" into "demonstrators criticised Sri Lanka's handling of civilians". Am happy with this being changed back, but couldn't see the stronger wording in any sources (the one I have now is based on info from the AP article). Sean Heron (talk) 19:18, 14 April 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Good job ! edit

Entering: "Sri Lanka demonstrations" in Google news as of now points to this article ! Good job everyone, the article is a nice read :D. Sean Heron (talk) 20:02, 14 April 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canada protests edit

Canada has the largest population of non-native Tamils (170,000). There has been a continuous protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Today, the 16h day, over 10,000 people participated/are participating, and there was a hunger strike as well. They are calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to work to get a ceasefire. It's being widely reported in the local/national news (e.g. [1] and [2]). I have photos, but no time to report. --RealGrouchy (talk) 21:41, 21 April 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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