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Added information about a proposed rally on Australia Day 2006 (exclusive to WN):
The postings were made to, aus.politics, aus.culture.true-blue and and can be read here:
I am disgusted at the comments of pricks like Iemma and Moroney in calling our patriotic citizens "un-Australian". Un-Australian my arse! How more Australian can you get than standing up to defend Australia?

Iemma and the pigs should be thanking all True Blue Patriots for doing what they are too gutless to do themselves - get the Leb filth off our streets.

It was great that 5000 people turned up at Cronulla. Unfortunately the media beat up cast a shadow over the real message of the day, that Lebs and Muslims are ruining our suburbs, and the media completely ignored the Leb provocation of the day.

If 5000 True Blue Patriots can be organised in only a week, imagine what can be done with a month or more of planning. Not 5000, but 50,000 True Blue Patriots taking back our streets.

Cronulla was a symptom of the problem. We need to go to the source in places like Bankstown and Lakemba.

This is why Action For Australia calls on all True Blue Patriots to be in Sydney on Australia Day 2006. We will assert our democratic right to march through the streets of Lakemba.

Pass the word. Lakemba on Australia Day - take back Australia for Australians!

Action For Australia

I am not wishing to advertise the event, but wish for local residents and authorities to be forewarned about these plans

If this has been posted to Usenet then you should be able to provide us with a link to it. It's not that we don't trust you, just that if everyone can read the post for themselves, the report carries more weight. - Borofkin 00:34, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]
How does one provide a link to usenet? Cartman02au 01:39, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]
Never mind, I just discovered Google Groups Cartman02au 01:44, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

Added Source on Main Article PageEdit

I do not know if it is appropriate to reference usenet on the main article page but I have referenced the article I was referring to calling for action on Australia Day 2006.

I sure am learning alot about WN Cartman02au 01:50, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

You're doing great so far. The refernce to the Usenet post certainly improves the article, however it could be argued that the statement "The violence is likely to continue in Sydney for sometime to come" is an opinion rather than fact. The paragraph could be rewritten to say something like this: A Usenet posting signed by a previously unknown group "Action for Australia" is calling on Australians to become "True Blue Patriots" and rally on Australia Day (January 26) 2006. "We will assert our democratic right to march through the streets of Lakemba," the posting said - Borofkin 02:17, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]
Thanks for the kind words. Someone has already improved the article in that regard so all is good. Thankyou Cartman02au 09:32, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

"following a sexual assault on a young Australian woman at Cronulla beach"Edit

I have removed this paragraph, added by, because the information was unsourced. Specifically: 1) the sexual assault, and 2) the lifeguards coming to her aid after/during the sexual assault. - Borofkin 02:03, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]


From the article:

"Priest has been attacked as a nutter, a racist and a liar, for raising these confronting questions about cultural sensitivity in NSW policing. Pity is, his grim prophecy might now have to be taken far more seriously. And not just on the beach."

This is opinion, not news. i deleted it. The whole article could do with a rewrite to make it more factual and less opinionated.

The entire section "Could this have been avoided?" is unsourced, and will be removed very soon unless some sources appear (and even if they do, the relavence is questionable. As you say, it's mostly opinion, and doesn't deserve the space that it currently has). - Borofkin 02:11, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]
Just did it for you. The same anonymous user injected unsupported allegations of a sexual assault into the other Cronulla article. To that anonymous user: If you want to insert such material, you need supporting evidence. Without that evidence you run the danger of being branded as having malicious intent.John Dalton 02:18, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

I also have migivings about the article containing the place and time of planned unrest. As such, the article runs the danger of acting as a vehicle to spread the message of the USENET postings. I propose that the place and time/date be removed from the article. I'll let someone else do it though as consensus builds. Do we keep the source? At the moment I am coming down on the side of yes. It is already on Usenet. Perhaps add some alternative sources to the article to illustrate any flaws in the position put forward by the Usenet posting?

I think that we should keep the usenet source and the information. It's just a crackpot usenet posting, it's not much worse than what's been said on Talkback radio all week. - Borofkin 02:32, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

The article calls "Action for Australia" "an unknown group". It's a bit of a stretch to assume "Action for Australia" is a group. It might be one man sitting at a computer. 05:01, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

Agreed, it could be just one dude stiring things up. However "unknown group" indicates that no-one has heard of them before, and therefore they might not be an actual group. - Borofkin 05:04, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

NSW Police Media ReleaseEdit

Available on the police website, however I've reproduced it here so we know it won't dissapear. - Borofkin 03:47, 13 December 2005 (UTC)[]

Police Respond To Numerous Public Order Incidents Across Sydney
13 December 2005
Five people have been charged this morning following a number of incidents overnight.
Eastern Beaches Local Area Command
Police were called to Maroubra Beach at 2pm yesterday (Mon 12 Dec) following reports that groups of people were armed with a variety of weapons, including baseball bats, golf clubs, steel poles, machetes, axe handles and other pieces of timber.
The weapons were seized, as well as crates of rocks and Molotov cocktails that had been positioned on rooftops on Marine Parade. A replica pistol was also found in bushes.
Five men were arrested and assisted police with their inquiries. They have since been released pending further investigations. They consisted of a 49-year-old Maroubra man, a 44-year-old Menai man, a 16-year-old Maroubra man, a 14-year-old Matraville man, and a 14-year-old Maroubra man
Campsie Local Area Command
Shortly after 4:30pm yesterday (Mon 12 Dec) police attended the Lakemba Mosque in response to information regarding possible retaliation.
Approximately 250 men began to congregate outside the mosque making known their intention to protect it from damage.
Police intervened and as a result of the scuffles three police officers received minor injuries.
Three police vehicles also sustained minor damage during the incident.
Miranda Local Area Command
About 10pm, approximately 25 carloads of men arrived in the Sutherland Shire area.
Four shop windows were smashed and 50 cars along The Kingsway received smashed windows and panel damage.
A 27-year-old Bexley woman and her 30-year-old husband were attacked at a restaurant at Caringbah both suffering facial and head injuries.
A 35-year-old Lansvale man suffered head injuries and severe facial bruising after being attacked at a Cronulla youth hostel.
A 45-year-old Cronulla man suffered fractured ribs and head injuries as he attempted to place garbage bins outside his Hume Street home.
A 49-year-old Woolooware man suffered a fractured forearm after being struck by a baseball bat at Cronulla.
All five victims were treated at the various locations by ambulance and are being treated at the Sutherland Shire Hospital where their conditions are listed as stable.
Five men were arrested and charged with the following:
• A 26-year-old Guildford man was arrested and later charged with assault police, not comply with directions, drive manner dangerous and being in custody of a knife. He was bailed to appear at Sutherland Local Court on 19 January 2006.
• A 30-year-old Sandringham man was arrested and charged with assault, breach of bail and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was refused bail to appear at Kogarah Local Court today
• A 23-year-old Ashcroft man, a 27-year-old Punchbowl man, a 20-year-old Ashcroft and a 27-year-old Bankstown man were arrested and taken to Miranda Police Station. They were charged with affray and were bailed to appear at Sutherland Local Court on 12 January 2006
• A 26-year-old Guildford man was arrested and charged with drive manner dangerous and assault police bailed to appear at Sutherland Local Court on 12 January 2006
• A 22-year-old Hurstville man was arrested and charged with affray, malicious damage and not supply particulars bailed to appear at Sutherland Local Court on 12 January 2006.
St George Local Area Command
About 11pm police responded to a large brawl involving about 100 people in The Grand Parade and Bay Street, Brighton-Le-Sands.
When police arrived, the mob threw numerous objects at police and police vehicles, in which three were damaged. Two shops and the Brighton-Le-Sands Post Office were also damaged. The mob was dispersed from the area.
Anyone with information that will assist police with their investigations is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
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