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  • Explanation of Penny Wars
    • Each grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) has a designated bin to put money in
    • Each penny earns +1 point for the owner of the bin that it's in
    • Anything that isn't a penny earns negative points (nickel = -5, dime = -10, quarter = -25, $1 bill = -100 points, $5 bill = -500, etc)
    • On a designated day ("Dollar Day"), $1 bills are worth +100 points, $5 bills are worth +500, etc.
    • Students normally put cash earning positive points (pennies every day, bills on Dollar Day) in their class's bin, and they put cash earning negative points (nickels, dimes, and quarters every day, bills when it's not Dollar Day) in other classes' bins. A senior, for example, will probably drop a penny in the seniors' bin and a quarter in a different bin.
    • Competition lasts for four days (Monday to Thursday)
    • Class with the most points wins and is given a no-uniform day ("Slop Day") on the Friday after the contest. Seniors usually win.
  • Assembly in the Large Gym on Friday, December 18
    • Jenna McKeown, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia visited the school and watched the assembly. As she entered the gym, she immediately received a standing ovation.
    • SG Pres. Kyle Marinko danced in a leprechaun suit.
    • Mr. William Conley, an English teacher, won the award for being the teacher that raised the most money from his classes.
    • Avions with guys performed, and cheerleaders danced.
    • Beard-growing contest
    • Dance competition
    • Faculty vs. students basketball game. Faculty won.
    • SG Pres. Marinko announced preliminary total of $53,392.82 in donations, a record in the history of Benet's Christmas Drive. SG is still counting more money.
    • Entire student body sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". Performance was filmed, and the video will be sent to the entire Benet community.

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