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Some tips for non-UK reviewers


Having previously battled hard with reviewing US political articles, I know how difficult this might be for a non-UK reviewer. Here are some pointers which fall into the 'common knowledge' category for anyone from the UK (which the sources are aimed at) and which will make understanding the subtleties of Scottish devolution much easier.

  • Scotland has two completely separate sets of parliamentarians; MPs, who go to the UK parliament, and MSPs (members of the Scottish Parliament) who go to the new parliament in Scotland.
  • The devolved Scottish parliament is a relatively new thing, having come in something like 12 years ago.
  • Elections for the two are totally separate.
  • The Scottish Parliament is in Holyrood, Edinburgh and the UK Parliament is in Westminster, London. They are often referred to simply as 'Holyrood' and 'Westminster'.
  • The Conservatives are also known as the Tories.
  • David Cameron is a Tory MP while Alex Salmond is an MSP for the Scottish Nationalist Party.
  • The Tories are infamously unpopular in Scotland; although they are in power in Westminster, there is only one Scottish Tory MP, which is half the number of giant pandas in Scotland. They do arginally better in the Scottish Parliament.

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