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This is how Iran depicts the incident: . Even if it may be considered biased, it still gives some insight into the situation, apparently it isn't a random action but has been escalating for some time.

Article looks like 100% lies...doesn't even look like they can translate their articles properly..."According to Mehr News Agency, the Romanian company first started the dispute by kidnapping two representatives of PetroIran Company on Fortuna drilling rig, beating them up and then kicking them out of Iran’s waters in the Persian Gulf on 13 August." Alright they kidnapped two Iranians, beat them up, and went out've their way to drop them back off in Iran to get them out've the Gulf? From What I read everywhere else it was a contract dispute, having nothing to do with these 'allegations' of 'two unnamed PetroIran representatives' being beat up. There's also every reason to believe they're lying, as in another related article from this same source they say the company in questions claims are quote - "a 'sheer lie'"


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