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The Oxonia papers - a Critique seems to be a submission to the Review made in March 2006 and republished in World October 31 with Stern's response. The original critique seems to have been a response to a lecture by Stern and two additional papers and may hae been submitted to the review team.

Nigel Lawson (Ex- Chancellor of Exchequer in Thatcher's gov't) was a joint author of the Critique and on a newsnight panel Monday October 30. [[1]] I_think_he summed up the review as a lot of rot.

The Ruth Lea response follows similar lines.

These refs are included to provide much needed NPOV as most media seemed to have accepted the review unquestoiningly.

I have scanned main US media and have found no reference to this, the most important report on the future published by the Government in our time in office. Blair [[2]].

Apologies for the messy references. Time contraints!

Fentonrobb 21:02, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

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