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Title needs work, maybe changed to indicate that the powder was received in the mail. Anyone familiar with Norway would know that you can find lots of white powder there, in the form of snow. Rob T Firefly 16:42, 22 May 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I have found no sources either. Jason Safoutin 17:15, 22 May 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Can't find any working norweigan translation. Bawolff ☺☻ 02:53, 23 May 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Translated src edit

(Its machine trans, so a bit rough)

Police in Oslo continue Sunday hunt at whoever able have posted more household envelopes along with a stranger white powder. Envelopes along with white powder All consignee am treated against feasible miltbrannsmitte. Overall 11 household in Oslo obtain Saturday envelopes along with a stranger white powder in. At misgivings for that facts be able be a matter of anthrax - germs , am all as drill with the catch dwellings tested for disease. They have also have got to displace from home at the thing is was clarifying.

Above entire city Dwellings as am was affecting tied up her above entire city at Holmenkollen in the north at Nordstrand and Holmlia in south. Police has so far no matter greid to see a few fellestrekk between consignee and shall Sunday afternoon have a appear how they do be about chart how they do be about investigate issue. If this do be about prove to be a gallows humour is it in saw crash down særdeles bad. We pondering certainly at cases how facts became found miltbrannbakterier in wake at 11. september in USA , say vaktleder Jostein Ads at Kriminalvakta in Oslo politidistrikt at NTB. All envelopes as is found is sent at Folkehelseinstituttet for analysis , but answers won't advent a prior within a couple of days. Consignee has been posted at legevakten for helsesjekk. They are been hearing at police in a attempt on the to expose whatever able lie behind accidents. Neither at consignee do be about have had a few suspicion about what as able lie behind accidents.


Sunday 21 May 2006 Police in Oslo continue the hunt for who can have sent envelopes containing an unknown white powder to several households. All of the recipients are being checked for possible anthrax contamination. In total, on Saturday 20 May, 11 households in Oslo received envelopes which contained this unknown powder.

For fear of possible anthrax contamination, all inhabitants are being checked for any related illness. Furthermore they have been moved out of their homes until the anthrax scare has been cleared up.

The affected houses and apartments are spread over the whole city, from Holmenkollen in the North to Nordstrand and Holmlia in the South. The police have so far found no connection or pattern to the recipients and, on Sunday, will conduct a meeting as to decide how to further continue the investigation.

“Dersom dette skulle vise seg å være en spøk er den i så fall særdeles dårlig. Vi tenker jo på tilfellene hvor det ble funnet miltbrannbakterier i kjølvannet av 11. september i USA” rough translation (If this turns out to be a prank/joke, then it’s going to be a real bad one. We’re thinking of the case where anthrax bacteria was found in the wake of 11 September in the US) Oslo Crime unit’s Jostein Plassen.

All the envelopes, that have been found, have been sent to Folkehelseinstitutet (public health institute) for analysis, although the findings will not be clear for a few days yet.

The recipients have been sent to their local casualty units for check-ups. They are being questioned by the police in an investigation to discover the identity of who lies behind the incident.

None of the recipients are known to have any suspicion as to what lies behind this situation.

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