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   I am a senior writer for Wikinews, a collaborative news agency, sistered to the encyclopedia website Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the 10th most visited site worldwide, with 3000 articles served per second. I received your email from the very helpful Green Party press office.
   My questions are purposely open-ended, as to let you the candidate decide what issues to talk about. As there are many specific issues that I hold personally important, this is the clearest way to avoid creating an editorial bias.
   The questions for this interview are attached as a Microsoft Word document, and pasted at the bottom of this email. You may answer in the Word file, or in the email itself, either method is fine.
   Interviews will be published individually as they come, up until the Saturday before the election. Obviously, early return is much appreciated, as I am interviewing candidates in all 107 ridings, meaning upwards of 500 possible respondents. Your interviews will be published with a link to your website, and to your party's website. All interviews must be conducted electronically. As with anyone writing for Wikinews or Wikipedia, I'm a volunteer, and so I'm seriously restricted for time. I will do my best to answer all questions in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee immediate response.
   As with all content published in Wikipedia and Wikinews, the articles are available under "free licenses", meaning we actively encourage their reprinting in any medium. Bloggers are more likely to want to reprint a Wikinews article or excerpt, than official campaign material. Wikinews articles have been quoted by the Toronto Star and Toronto Metro newspapers, and are referenced throughout the blogosphere.
   Many thanks,
   Nick Moreau
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   Why have you chosen to involve yourself in the political process? Why did you choose to run in this constituency?
   We read about the green revolution in newspaper headlines, yet we continue to pursue mega-projects that do not benefit society, the environment, or the economy.
   I live in Hamilton Centre, and therefore naturally chose this riding.
   What prior political experience do you have? What skills and insight can you bring to office, from other non-political positions you may have held?
   I have canvassed for various candidates in past campaigns. This includes the Liberals and NDP. Now I realize that to actually start moving towards a sustainable Ontario, innovation is required. The Green Party has that ability to make this transformation happen.
   Which of your competitors do you expect to pose the biggest challenge to your candidacy? Why? What makes you the most desirable of all candidates running in the riding?What do you feel are the three most important issues to voters in your riding? Are these the same top three issues that are most important to you? What would you do to address these issues?
   Remember that all issues are interdependent through the social, economic and environmental pillars.
   Key issues in Hamilton are:
   Poverty and Homelessness
   Local Green Jobs for Sustainability
   More details are available on our website

   What should be the first order of business in the 39th Legislative Assembly?
   A moratorium on all new nuclear facilities and upgrading of any existing ones.
   Are the property taxes in your riding at a fair level for the amount of services received in the municipality?
   How can the province lead the way in stimulating job creation?
   Local projects. Keep the money in the communities. Education and training of immigrants of the underemployed. Get the citizens engaged in projects that improve neighbourhoods. This includes local manufacturing. For example, in Hamilton, deployment of solar hot water systems would be a tremendous opportunity to align local manufacturers and train installers. Then each household saves a few bucks that can in turn be invested in the community.
   No more paving of valleys. No more mega-projects. Decentralization is where it's at.

   What are your views on the mixed member proportional representation (MMP) referendum?
   The Green Party supports electoral reform fully. This will bring a balanced and representative voice to parliament.
   What role, if any, does "new media" play in your campaign, and the campaign of your party? (websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube videos, etc) Do you view it as beneficial, or a challenge?
   We're working on it.

Peter Ormond Green Party of Ontario Candidate, Hamilton Centre 56 Ferrie St. West Hamilton, ON L8L 1C7 905-526-6458

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