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Could someone do a style/grammar check? ~Alan G.

I'd like to add that wikipedian Alan Canon was one of the discovers/explorers of the new cave. ~Alan G.

Here's a photo I uploaded to the commons: Lwt02830.jpg ~Alan G.

locations edit

Can someone add links for the locations? Where's Kentucky, or Santa Barbera for that matter? What country/continent are they in/on?

Agreed. Added a little more. ~Alan G.

Original reporting edit

I have reverted the edit which removed the OR template. Alan Canon (one of the discoverers) is a Wikipedian and may have supplied some of the information. Also, one of the authors (Alan Glennon) is directly quoted in the text. That makes it OR beyond any doubt. By the way, OR is nothing to be ashamed of. That's what makes Wikinews distinct from all other news services - people can learn stuff here that they won't find anywhere else. Davidcannon 00:13, 11 August 2005 (UTC)Reply

This is a late comment, but I am Wikipedian Alan Canon and I did not contribute any information to this Wikinews article: not a scrap, and the article itself is being called to my attention something like eight months after its original creation. I did mention the connection in a contribution to the w:Mammoth Cave National Park but only in a list of years in which connections have been made, and in adding Eudora Ridge to the list of ridges encompassed by the cave system. For added value, please distinguish Alan Canon (me, the caver who discovered the cave and a Wikipedian) from Alan Glennon (also a caver, and also a Wikipedian, but whom I may never have met) and David Cannon, contributor of the above comment.

re: Original reporting edit

I wrote quite a bit of the article --- info is from explorers' trip reports in the two cited sources. ~Alan G. Aug 11, 2005

Coords for new entrance? edit

Are there any GPS coordinates available for the new entrance?

Not likely to be published. Caves entrances are traditionally protected in part by obscurity, although this entrance was "gated" within a week of discovery. The entrance is on the eastern edge of the system. As an aside, entrances are usually located both through GPS and through traditional surface survey methods: the project maintains a survey of the surface for this purpose. Alan Canon 21:02, 19 April 2006 (UTC)Reply
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