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The government issued emergency evacuation alerts- provincial or federal? Original cites mentioned here do not say if they do say they say also ambiguously government and that is all - I would imagine provincial if I were to venture a guess, but there is not a definitive source for this. Will watch subsequent news casts, and maybe a follow up article will say definitively. The spokespeople are all local (municipal - {city, town or RM} or local - first nation) or provincial quoted in news references. The only federal thing happening is the armed forces helping out (mentioned in other news articles) though this is not mentioned in this article's citations. So I re-worded the sentence to not mention the goverment as tis factually unknown from these sources, as supposed or educated guesses and surmises are not published. This article says it this way..."The armed forces only gets involved at the request of the provincial government. At this time, we don't anticipate involving them [but] at the call of the province we are ready to provide that service," Manitoba Premier Gary Doer Fargo crisis won't happen in Manitoba: Doer SriMesh | talk 18:34, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

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