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Freed Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena Shot By AmericansEdit

For Giuliana Sgrena the flashing lights of an American road block, on the outskirts of Baghdad, must have seemed like a welcoming celebration of her release from 28 days as a hostage. Travelling with two italian security service guards she approached the checkpoint, grateful to see the flag of an ally.

However the Allys, on this occasion American troops, opened fire on the car, killing one guard and wounding both Sgrena and the other guard.

Early American briefings insist that the car was travelling at speed and had ignored hand signals and flashing light warnings to stop. The itallian prime minister, Berlusconni, at once summoned the American ambassador for a full explanation.

He will press the Americans on how, if the whole media world knew that Sgrena had been released and was on her way back to Baghdad, could American soilders decide to shoot her. Pingswept 23:36, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

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