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I've been waiting for the conspiracy theorists to conjure up something for this outrageous story.

Since the tin-foil hat brigades appear to have come up empty so far, here are some wild and crazy questions to help someone to develop a conspiracy theory for this story:

  • Was this Italian journalist in cahoots with her captors? There is a video of her demanding that Italy withdraw their troops from Iraq.
  • Was there was a plan to speed towards a Coalition checkpoint upon her release, to intentionally cause the Coalition Forces to fire upon the car, making the Coalition Forces look as bad as possible?
  • Was the plan to make the Coalition Forces look bad tragically too effective, resulting in the death of an Italian security agent?
  • Did the Coalition Forces really know who was in the car when fired upon?
  • Are the agents of the vast left-wing conspiracy to make the Coalition Forces look bad doing everything in their power to hide the real story and ridicule anyone who would dare ask the questions which need to be asked about this outrageous story?

Just Asking 20:17, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)

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