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As it stands (right now, as I write this comment) this article isn't a problem. However some of the titles it has had in the past would have been. The key information for this article is the call for a pullout, and the timetable implied by the allegation that the mandate from the UN will not allow the US to stay too long.

I have changed the title to say "groups" as I can't get a good definition on who represents who at this conference in Cairo. If that information can be found it belongs in the article, if it throws the title way out of whack then that should be changed.

I know this isn't an easy story to get to a stage where it justifies publish, but it is possible if you're prepared to accept it may not be as damning of one side as you might wish. Brian McNeil / talk 19:52, 22 November 2005 (UTC)

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