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Original reportingEdit

This article is the second Wikinews: Interview of the month for January, 2006. The interview took place in the international Wikinews IRC channel, #wikinews.

The questions which were asked during the interview were drawn from a page set up to do research and build questions at m:Wikinews/Interview of the month/January 2006 EFF on the Meta.wikimedia site. Questions were also developed during the interview, sometimes leading on from previous answers and some which were completely new.

People present in the channel who asked questions or gave related information/links included (I think I have them all, but if not please add to this list): Submarine Spum, [[Wikinews Arbitration Committee elections will continue until 20:00 UTC, January 31. Mrmiscellanious, mbecker, KevinMarks, FoeNyx, felipe, Deprifry, and Amgine. The vast weight of the research and question development was undertaken by sfullenwider, who should have been moderating this interview but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts. (and he will pay for this <grin>)

A raw transcript is available at Talk:Interview: Danny O'Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation/Transcript-Raw.

Great Job AmgineEdit

The interview is just fantastic and an unqualified success,imo. Neutralizer 17:46, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

How to pose questions?Edit

"suggested by people on the research page." How does one know about and propose questions for the next big interview? Neutralizer 17:46, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

Just keep an eye on Wikinews/Interview of the month (on meta-wiki). There you can suggest new candidats, too. --SonicR 21:23, 25 January 2006 (UTC)
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