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Evidence of Betts' IDEdit

  • Compare photos of news accounts to Geoffrey Betts' website images. [1] Especially consider the eyes, the shape of the face, and the asymmetric jawline. Also, in news accounts, the man is declared physically fit, as is Geoff.
  • The IMDB description [2] of Mr. Betts details that he is:
    • A British citizen, as is suspected in the news media articles.
    • the son of a British father and an Italian mother—the subject's features indicate such an ancestry.
  • The Wikinews contributor spent a good deal of time as an acquaintance of Mr. Betts from early 2003 to early 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was visiting from the Dallas, Texas area. Upon seeing the image in the articles, the contributor knew instinctively that the person is Betts.
  • The Wikinews contributor knew Betts to compose music. The subject in the articles also has been composing music.
  • From the Wikinews contributor's experience (and IMDB link above), Mr. Betts was roughly 5'10" although the reports say the person found was 6'. This disparity could be from him wearing dress shoes when his height was measured.
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