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Correspondence with Tom TancredoEdit

  • William S. Saturn sent 1:04am Jun 12:
Mr. Tancredo,
Do you have any response to the proposal of several northeastern counties of Colorado to secede from the state?
  • Tom Tancredo sent 9:58am Jun 13:
Give me a chance to change the relationship between rural and urban Colorado. You see, I do not believe that rural Coloradans are, as Governor Hickenlooper has called them, "backward thinkers."
  • William S. Saturn sent 2:24am Jun 14:
Thanks for the response.
As governor, what would you do to repair the relationship between urban and rural Colorado?
  • Tom Tancredo sent 8:54am Jun 14:
Remove barriers imposed by the current administration of course.

I note this has also been sent to scoop. --Pi zero (talk) 02:53, 15 June 2013 (UTC)

Correspondence with Eric BrownEdit

  • William S. Saturn sent 1:56am Jun 14:
Mr. Brown,
I am a reporter for Wikinews, the free news website.
According to Tom Tancredo, he is more qualified than Governor Hickenlooper to address Colorado's urban-rural rift at root in the North Colorado secession proposal because Governor Hickenlooper believes rural Coloradans are "backwards thinkers" and Tancredo does not.
What is the governor's response to Tancredo?

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