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Review of revision 948014 [Passed]


It'd be nice to say what the flaw was. Some sort of XSS vulnrability i'm geussing, but it'd be nice to know. I'm also changing the line about latest version of css not being supported, as it is misleading (which is latest version, CSS 2.1 or CSS 3? either way, not browser supports the latest version of CSS fully) Of course IE6 has very bad support compared to other browsers. Bawolff 01:30, 31 January 2010 (UTC)Reply

Also i'd point out it does support one bit transparency in png's as well as in gifs, IE just did not support having an alpha channel. (Theres a difference). Also both png's and css (version 1, the version that IE6 was mostly lacking in that got fixed in IE7, later versions of CSS are not supported by anyone, although ie7 did fix some CSS2.1 stuff) were released in 1996, which is before 2001. Bawolff 01:41, 31 January 2010 (UTC)Reply
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