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Aussies dance, link arms before game The five teams in each of two groups play each other once. The top four teams in each group then go into the quarterfinals.

4-6 6-6 6-8 from turnover 6-10 6-14 8-14 amber Merrit Meritt gets rebound 10-14 Meritt from the paint 10-16 12-16 Cobi Crispin 12-18

16-22 18-22 two from Cobi from the free throw line 20-22 Cobi gets her wheelchair stuck on a canadian player 20-24 22-24 22-26 C rebound 24-28 Cobi 24-30 26-30 shelley

28-32 30-32 32-32 Amber Meritt 32-33 HALF TIME

Australian shot 39% in first half Cobi takes rebound Steal! by Birdie Canada misses Sarah Stewart puts one in 34-33 turnover missed again 34-35

Aussies link arms as coach talks to them during timeout 34-37 36-37 rebound Canada to the free throw line 36-39 38-39 aus rebound 38-39 38-40 missed again Shelley gets one 40-40 tied 40-41 C misses shot clock missed again 40-43

FINAL QUARTER 40-45 40-47 42-47 Casey fumbled aus rebounds

aus rebounds Merrit 44-47 44-49 Meritt misses C misses turnover 46-49 rebounds rebounds 48-49 Merritt T out by C C tosses it out A tosses it out misses 48-51 turnout from player who falls over Amber to the free throw line misses twice turnover by C Amber back to the free throw line 50-51 1:29n to play 50-53 1:09 MISSED 0:58 T-OUT 50-55 missed again 50-57 from free throw for C Merrit attempts a three point shot Aus looses

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