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Australia won their group. Shelley Chaplin's 28th birthday. Australia has never won gold.

Mexico ranked ninth coming into the tournament.

Australians beat Mexico 75-45 in a pre-tournament warm up.

7 is Australia's star.

Australia has a large contingent of fans wearing Rollers t-shirts.

Mexico won the tip. Australia got the rebound off the mexican shot and on down court, 6 for AUS fouled so she went to the line. Missed both free throws.

Australian fans chanting Defense - Gliders. Mexico scored first for 9 scoring. 8:55 left in first.

8:15 left and Australia scores.

Mexico had a shot clock violation.

Crispin scored 2 and 7:30 it is 4-2 Australia.

6:05, Gauci had chance for easy layup but missed, frustrated after shot and slapped her first into her other arm palm. Australia got possession after that as ball bounced off Mexico.

Gliders fans chanting defence again. Score is 8-4 with 5:32 left.

Crispin made a shot and got fouled for three point opportunity and then missed basket, with mexico picking up the rebound.

Some of Australia's shots have bounced on the rim with the bounce in and bounce out being similar.

Mexico has had at least three shot click violations by 4:05 left in the first.

Mexico is not moving the ball up the court fast enough. They get trapped on the offense on the wrong side of the court.

They are playing One Direction during a time out by Mexico and people are dancing and singing along to it. They are doing so while waving Pommy flags.

Amber is on by 3:12 .

Gauci stopped a fast break but then Mexico set up play and managed to get a shot off, make the basket and get a three point play around 2:55 in first. Missed the free throw. Got the rebound. Stewart jammed up 7. Mexico then got 2 points on that same play. (Half their points came from this.)

7 for MEX is tall and gets close to toppung.

Gauci got a the three 3 points with 1 second left on shot clock. She is 2 point. 1:48 left and 17-8.

Australia jammed Mexico up, keeping them on the wrong side for 8 seconds and then got the ball as a result. Gauci v 7 MEX is awesome as tiny player goes head to head with big player.

Mexico just cannot get ball down the court and do not appear clock aware. First quarter ends 21-10.

Crispin is drawing a lot of fouls.

There is a great big French flag being waved in front row by some one severely handicapped in a wheelchair.

Mexico starts the second with a shot clock violation.

Vinci is jamming some players and preventing them coming down the floor so MEX only has four players when defending.

Merrit scored 2 and score is 25-10. Merrit has 4 points at this point.

Merrit is willing to go on one big wheel, reaching getting her her first foul.

Mexican shirts habe no names on the back but Asusie ones do. Mexico and Australia both have a mix of three and four wheeled wheelcairs on the court.

7 Carter was also keeping a mexican defender from getting down to help on the defense.

Aussie fans chanting defense gliders.

Chaplin helped a Mexico 11 player up.

Australians defend in a line. Mexico puts their players on the wings in front of them on those set pieces. Australia stopped that trip down the floor.

6:29 left in second.

33-14 with 5:42 left in second. This is quarter final.

Mexico races down to set up a defense, not full court or half court pressing.

5:03 and both teams bring in substitutuions.

Only one tip so far this game with 4:10 left in 2nd.

AUS at 4:02 committed foul. 12 brought ball in for Mexico. 13 on shot clock and MEX got shot off, made 2. 38-18.

40-18 Australia leads. Only 4 of Mexicans have scored. 8 Aussies have scored by this point. 2:05 and Gauci brought back into game.

Australians are not dependent on one player to score. Many options.

Carter is jamming again. Carter at top of key doing that got ball and managed to score form the top of the key.

Australian fans changing Defense Gliders! again with 1:11 left in 2nd.

McKenzie for AUS not afraid to hi and bounce.

Keane scored with 10 seconds left in 2nd.

65% field goal percentage at half.

Mexico came out about a minute or two before the aussies to warm up again at half time break.

Start of second half.

Mexico starts with 2. Mexicans chanting Get it Out.

Mexico is getting stalled getting the ball down the court. They aren't being aggressive in trying to get ball down the court.

The Aussies had shot clock violation with 8:42 left in the third.

Aussie bench is chatning

Gauci took on number 9 for Mexico.

Kean is holding back Mexicans.

Brief moment when Mexican and Aussie player wheels locked together. A Mexican player helped bounce that lock out and they sepaeated.

Aus leading Mexico by 22 with 4 -24 with 5:51 left in third.

Gauci is doing a lot ball handling on the offense, leading them in setting things up.

5:44 and Mexico makes substitutions. Australia decides to make subs too.

Mexican bench was loud but got quiet by 5:34 left in third. Australians are slihtly louder than the Mexicans on the court. Like one Mexican shottign comments. Aussie bench is chanting again.

Mexico took a time out.

During a time out, the commentator led people in singling happy birthday to those who had tweeted their birthdays.

Australia at times in running the clock but making those last minute shots.

Australia is really jamming Mexico up and harder for them to run set plays.

All but McKenzie and Nott have scored for Australia.

Mexico not doing full or half court press. Rather, getting down court and running set plays again Australia on defense.

Chaplin does a really good job of keeping 11 for Mexico out of play and almost casually looking like it takes no effort ahile 11 spins in circles.

3:10 left in third and Ammber merrit had spoke change.

Aussie bench giving lots of compliements to players on court. Nice block. Good court vision. Etc. Third ends 50-29.

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