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The ocse remark is relevant. Kazakhstan is in the focus of nato forces and US policy wich we easily witness by the current negative attitude of the media. The reason for this is oil. If OCSE really denied kazakstan anything, relating it to the hare krishna movement, i would guess kazahkstan better take care, because it will be played out against them at the next possible moment.(so in this case Nato-eu-un might rant about religious freedom in Kazahkstan, not surprisingly since there is the pretext of muslims in kazakstan for later use.) So does anyone have a link on the contents of the ocse decision concerning Kazakstan.. ??? it would be juicy to see the ocse whine about krishnas and blame it for restriction of religious libertys herself. However it may be a hoax and a explanation singularly, to get the local police into action. What i also wonder is if these ocse statements are (partly) secret.. 05:06, 7 February 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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