Talk:Dark matter galaxy discovered

Read with great skepticism.


If you follow the link <>, it shows a picture of space and nothing obstructing the view of the stars in the background. If what experts say is true about dark matter, you couldn't see behind it; the light from the background objects would be obscured. Read with great skepticism. In the article titled “Race for WIMPs” by A. H. in Popular Mechanics; Apr2010, Vol. 187 Issue 4, p12, the article states they may have found something, but there is still a 25% chance this is a mistake. In the article “Dark Matters” by Krauss, Lawrence M. in Scientific American; Apr2010, Vol. 302 Issue 4, p35A, the article states it has not been found. Also, in the article “Building the Galaxies” in Discover; May2010, p11+, the article states experts are still looking for this so called dark matter. There is so many more articles to be referenced, but this is just a few ‘recent’ ones.

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