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IRC conversation 2005/01/23Edit

_sj_ the conf was about credibility in journalism and blogs,
_sj_ the differences and similarities b/t blogging and journalism
Amgine <cynical eyebrow raise> seemed a bit else to me in the audience, but I think that's covered in the article?
_sj_ and how the journalism extablishment and the blogging establishment can learn from one another in the realm of acquiring [authority, authenticity, credibility, reliability, verifiability]
_sj_ with most of the focus on the first three.
_sj_ oh, I was just looking at your last q...
Amgine okay... let me grab that for n otes.
Amgine May I extract those lines from this IRC and post them at Talk:Conference discusses the credibility of blogs/Notes?
_sj_ sure.
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