Talk:Coalition talks between Israeli Likud and Labour parties underway

I've just started this article, but there are some problems with my English. Would someone like to check it??? And the article is so short, because there has been already so much talking about, that I fear to repeat to many facts. koko 13:32, 12 dec 2004 (UTC)

The original story included the phrase International reporters think the agreement between the Likud party and the Labour party was already made, but for the world it has to seem like it is all new. — I could not find that in the source that was accessible (BBC News), so I removed it. If you can find a working link that substantiates this claim, please add them back in. -- IlyaHaykinson 20:46, 12 Dec 2004 (UTC)

I know, it isn't in this article, but on the Belgian television thet talked about it, and they had a converstation obout it with the Dutch people. koko 16:04, 13 Dec 2004 (UTC)

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