Talk:Climate change a factor in Australia's warmest year on record

For thousands of years the earth has been subject to extended periods of warming and cooling. The Little Ice Age, which followed the Medieval warm period, preceded the current warming cycle. Earth temperatures in the Med. warm period were warmer than current readings, with negligible carbon dioxide emissions from human activity compared to today. The total CO2 emissions from human industrial and vehicular activity is about 5-6% of total emissions. The remainder is from vaolcano and other natural phenomena. Climatologists at the univ. system in Colorado conclude that climate change is much more influenced by natural fluctuations by fluctuations in the sun's emissions than CO2 in the atm. Michael Crichton, the popular author, unknown to many, is a trained scientist and physician with an M.D. degree, who has recently had published a book titled "State of Fear." He spent 3 years reviewing the evidence for Global Warming and Industrial gas emissions, and concluded that the evidence for so-called Global Warming is lacking. I am also a scientist-Physician (eye surgeon), researcher. I also did an extensive review of all the evidence, and came to the same conclusion as Dr. Crichton. It is disturbing that all climate reporting includes erroneous references to Global Warming as though it is accepted fact, except that those reporting have never examined the evidence. S.Dubroff, M.D.

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