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Looks good. The title was a bit misleading, I took it to mean ibuprofen CAUSED asthma, while it really only triggers or worsens an attack in kids who already have it. That was easily fixed. I generally like to see more than one source, but this isn't very controversial, so I suppose we can take that one source at it's word. A pic would be nice, maybe of a coughing child or an ibuprofen tablet ? You could even take the those yourself, upload them to WikiCommons, and get extra credit for an original image ! StuRat 01:49, 4 September 2005 (UTC)Reply

Avoid Drug-triggered asthma, I've looked at the natural alternatives


Having had family members with asthma, I've looked at the natural alternatives to traditional drug therapy. You would not believe what's out there ! I have tried to separate fact from fiction, but its not always easy.

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