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California law edit

The offence almost certainly wasn't jaywalking. That's just the Ridgecrest Daily Independent being whimsical, I suspect. I've searched the California State Code, but turned up nothing, even though a second source says that the misdemeanour is included in the Food and Agriculture Code. I'd like to be able to hyperlink directly to the relevant portion of the CSC. Uncle G 04:21, 30 May 2005 (UTC)Reply

The story won't die edit

The chicken was not fined; the owners were fined. If people insist on reporting this story, at least don't be coy with the headlne like all the other MSM sources try to do.

Here's what happened: someones chicken got out and was on the road. They got fined. Then they got off. Someone i know the other day got a speeding ticket, went to court and got the fine reduced. I'll be posting an article on that real soon now.

This is only news because it's the punchline to an old cliche.
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