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Your name: Jo-Anne Boulding Political party: NDP Riding:Parry Sound Muskoka

New candidates: Why are you running for political office, why at the federal level, why this party, and why in this riding? I am not a new candidate, this is my third federal election and I have also run in an Ontario Provincial election. I have been an NDP my whole adult life and come from a family of CCFers and NDPers. I have lived in this riding for 17 years and am very concerned about the decisions being made by the federal government for the past number of years and wish to improve the lives of all Canadians - a prosperous Canada that leaves no one behind. The corporate interests have overwhelmed the government's agenda and it is time that it is a more balanced view of Canada and the lives of Canadians - old and young, women and men.

New candidates: Previous to this campaign, have you been politically involved? How will you apply your previous work/volunteer/life experience to serving your constituents? Incumbents: Are you satisfied with your time as MP? What would be the biggest highlights of the roughly two years since the last election? The biggest disappointment? As you campaign around your riding, it's likely that some issues are mentioned more often by voters, than other issues. What would you say are the three hottest topics this election, in your riding? What would you and your party do to address these issues? Is there any misconceptions about you, your leader, or your party and platform? Jack and the party have prepared the best platform of any party and our message is certainly reaching people.

There's a more ways than ever to get your message out, from the traditional campaign fliers and lawn signs, to new media like websites, Facebook, and YouTube. The tried-and-true routes get the message out to the masses much easier, but digital alternatives are much more measurable in how many are seeing or interacting with your campaign. What seems to be the most effective, from your experience? This is a very rural riding and while we certainly use e-mail and websites as supportive tools, mail, door to door, mainstreeting and phoning people are still necessary as many do not have internet (especially high speed), many areas don't even have cell phone reception and we have a large low income population that is having trouble making ends meet let alone pay for internet connection. All of these concerns are factored into how we manage the campaign and how we get the word out. We have a very large riding and it is difficult to get to every community, though we make our best effort. Our communities also provide us with opportunities for the voters to hear what we have to say - there are 10 all candidate meetings scheduled to date.

Jo-Anne Boulding NDP Candidate Parry Sound Muskoka (Ontario)

-- Kimber-lee Boulding Campaign Manager NDP - Parry Sound Muskoka tel: 644-9376 Office: 39 Meadow Heights Bracebridge ON

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