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1. I'm running for political office because I'm concerned about the direction our nation is heading. We are becoming more and more secular. By secular I don't mean neutral; secularism is also a religion and it seeks to drive out all other religions from the public square. While we've never been a perfect country, but we were the envy of many and had become a safe haven for many without religious freedoms. CHP wants to return to the Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded, which have influence every area of government, from fiscal to moral. The Christian Heritage Party is a federal party only. The Yellowhead EDA has been my home since birth and want to represent it.

2. I have run for M.P. in the 2006 election as well and can hopefully built on that experience. Locally I have served on a Prolife board and presently serve on our Church Council. In these positions commitment to tasks at hand are important as well as service to others.

3. Three hottest topics: 1. Global Warming/Environment/Kyoto The CHP would offer real protection for our air and water; solutions that encourage good, proactive stewardship practices. We should not be involved in Kyoto, 'cap and trade', 'carbon-credits', or in carbon taxes. We should increase research into non polluting energy sources. Let's solve the real problems of water, air and soil pollution. Panic over so-called climate change, which many scientists say is not man-made, (scientists often ignored and belittled by mainstream media mind you) could cripple our economy, cost billions and achieve nothing. Instead, let's promote and reward clean, renewable energy initiatives.

2. Solutions for the Economy: The CHP would put Canada back to work with a nationwide infrastructure stimulus package that would fix our cities, our highways, hospitals and water and sewage treatment plants. The CHP would channel dollars to research and development to look after a real environmental threat to our health - man made pollution. Eliminate the income tax and implement a 'Fair Tax' that would boost the economy and put Canadians in charge of the tax they pay.

3. Healthcare: The CHP will overhaul the health care system, improve delivery of services and revamp hospital design for better health outcomes. And the Christian Heritage Party is not afraid of private delivery of health care services. Neither do we treat entrepreneurship and visionary private-sector leadership as evil when it comes to implementing health care reforms.

4. Once misconception about our party is that we are a one issue party, namely, prolife. While true that this proudly sets us apart from every other party in Canada, we do have policies on almost every issue facing Canadians: infrastructure, taxation, healthcare, immigration, debt and deficit.

For a broader description of these policies - see www.

5. While we tend to continue to use traditional methods to advertise, we understand fully the importance of the new media. a. Mainstream media with their bias tend to ignore our party, we have found it to be extremely essential in getting our message out. b. Today's youth are turning more and more to these methods of news delivery. They are our future!


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