Talk:Canada's Etobicoke North (Ward 1) city council candidates speak

Ted Berger


57-year-old Ted Berger is involved in customer/public relations.

Q: Describe the three most important issues in your campaign.

A: Crime must be contained and reduced in our community via not necessarily only added police forces but as we must introduce more surveillance cameras in key areas, we must educate the youth and their parents within the schools where I would go to all to have meetings with them with guest speaker and bring forth the effects and hurt crime causes to individuals/victims of crime and their families and the community as a whole and as well outline the current laws and punishments for the commitment of crime and alternatives available to youth before they commit any violent acts. Also we must introduce more youth facilities where they can gather and socialize. We must have better availability of youth employment and lobby for tougher sentences for the commitment of crime especially the Young Offenders Act with federal government.
The other issues is our environment/garbage in our neighborhoods and transportation with especially easier access to rapid transit/subway at Kipling and Bloor and with the extension of the subway to York U and Humber College must be lobbied for possibly by increasing the 2cnts per liter subsidy from the gasoline tax collected by the provincial government to 3 or 4cnts per liter yearly in order to pay for these added needs without increasing taxes to rate payers.

Q: What one election issue do you feel is most relevant to your ward in this election?

A: The most relevant issue is CRIME as I outlined above.

Q: Why have you chosen to involve yourself in the political process?

A: I first and foremost care about all the people.I am a humanist and I would work for all the people.I have the past experience in being elected as a Trustee at the board of education at York Region in the City of Vaughan and know how to lobby for what the people need.
We need a strong voice in this community to make the necessary changes to give all the people a better life especially a better value for their hard earned tax dollars.I will be councilors of" Action not just Words."

Q: Why do you want to represent this particular ward on council?

A: Etobicoke is where I have lived and been a community activist especially in my neighborhood and watched a how the good reputation of this area has eroded to a point where people are afraid to come to Etobicoke because of the fears of crime and look of our parks and garbage on our streets. I have been in touch with current councilor about these concerns on an going basis in this period.

Q: How are you currently involved in the community?

A: I am community activist with our property managers in several properties owned by H.R. Developments for past 9 years in trying to improve them and our neighborhoods and as well have been in touch with the current and past councilors with ongoing concerns in our neighborhoods.

Q: Which council decision (since the 2003 election) do you feel the city/your ward should be most proud of, and which was least desirable?

A: The most proud of would be the passing of the formation of a Greater Transit Authority and the Least the current councilors voted themselves a 10% increase to their salaries which if I am elected must be rolled back to maximum of 3% or the rate of inflation yearly and only that like everyone else who is working.
Q: If you were elected as a "rookie" councilor, What would you bring to the table beyond the incumbent?
A: I would bring a strong voice and action and my ability to work harmoniously with all members of council to bring about changes that will make my community in Etobicoke and all of the city of Toronto a better place live.

Q: What does Toronto mean to you?

A: Toronto means to me to be a world class city where the streets are clean,the infrastructure is beautiful and efficient to serve all who com to visit,first class entertainment and restaurants and foremost the capital of multiculturalism and harmony and safety among it people who com from 110 different countries of the world.
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