Talk:Canada's Etobicoke—Lakeshore (Ward 5) city council candidates speak

Name: Joseph Mignone

Age: 37

Recent job: Quality Assurance

Running in ward: 5

The three most important issues in my campaign are the issue of the six point interchange proposal. The city will spend $35 million dollars on an intersection that already works well. Secondly, not only environmental concerns in general but how pollution and smog might be increased because of the increased traffic lights. Accessibility and accountability at city hall must be addressed. I believe residents should have a voice in matters that concern their neighbourhoods. Too often we see that the community might object to a certain matter, but the matter in question still gets council approval.

The one election issue that is most relevant is the one mentioned above. Residents believe that $35 million could be better spent elsewhere, rather than on intersection that may or not need reconfiguration depending on redevelopment that will occur in the area.

I have chosen to get involved in the political process because I believe I can make a difference at city hall. Secondly, I believe that representing the people of the ward would be an honour and consequently, their views would be expressed by my voting record.

This is the ward that I have called home my entire life. How could I represent any other ward?

Community is important. I frequent local business to promote their well being. Furthermore, I can be seen at local baseball and hockey games cheering on the kids. I think that local organizations that promote health and fitness for kids is vital for the community.

Toronto is the greatest city in the country. It is the city that has it all. There is a reason why half the immigrants that come to Canada settle in Toronto. The diversity that Toronto offers can not be equivocated in any other city in the world.

The current work done by city staff and council regarding environmental concerns is commendable. The environmental plan does need some work however, recycling programs are improving and the pesticide ban are a good start.

If I am elected councillor, I will push the public’s issues and concerns to the forefront of my work. My work ethic will produce results that will benefit not only our families today but our children tomorrow.

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