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What is your name? Erica Maier

What is your age? 44 years old

What is your current/most recent job/occupation? Currently I am General Manager of Kathite Industries – makers of a chimney cleaner. Please see for more information. As Kathite is a seasonal occupation, I am also a full time Letter Carrier for Canada Post, I love the exercise and could certainly use it, and it keeps me in touch with the public.

What ward are you running in? (# plz) 32

Describe the three most important issues in your campaign.

Ward 32 is a unique family community within a major city.

In order to preserve our quality of life, we must be ever vigilant to ensure we aren’t overrun by oversized building developments, graffiti, vandals or petty crime.

My aim is to hire a graffiti removal team that would be available daily. Eradicate the graffiti and keep it away. Continue to work with police and have police more visible in the area, walking along our streets, parks and school yards. Police would get to know our neighbours, business owners and the local children which would return a sense of well being to our inhabitants.

I encourage taking art to the streets. Have billboards in various locations that locals can contribute to monthly. Thus promoting our area and the artists of our community. We need additional programs for teenagers that get them involved and keep them interested in community development.

Finally I would continue the work of preserving the heritage of our neighbourhoods, while helping the local businesses get the much needed assistance to grow and develop into thriving commerce This could be achieved by having events and venues that add to our uniqueness and increasing consumer traffic and spending.

What one election issue do you feel is most relevant to your ward in this election?

At present I feel graffiti is my biggest concern. It is a small issue that has been left to fester and could balloon into all sorts of problems for our area and the city. If graffiti is left as a ‘broken window’

Why have you chosen to involve yourself in the political process?

I am a person who involves myself in my community. If things need to be done, I am a volunteer for the job. This has always been fine in the past, as we have a terrific area with very few needs. Unfortunately, things have changed, although crime is down for Toronto, petty crime is ever increasing. Vandals attack cars, spray paint graffiti everywhere, and if left unchecked, it will escalate to major crimes. Citizens are concerned and feel the need to stay indoors and not enjoying their neighbourhoods as they have in the past. I intend to retire in my neighbourhoods, but it won’t be a happy retirement if I don’t act now and stop this neglect.

Why do you want to represent this particular ward on council?

This is not only a Ward, but it is my home. I would be honoured to represent my home and ensure it is looked after to the fullest of my abilities.

How are you currently involved in the community? Currently I am a volunteer for Community Centre 55, helping with whatever they need and in their Christmas hamper efforts for many years. I have worked with the Lions Club on occasion helping in their Easter Parade work. I also have helped for many years in trash cleanup of the area, and have been a leader for Girl Guides of Canada for a local unit for over 10 years.

What does Toronto mean to you?

Toronto is my home. It a city full of diversity, and different cultures. I have traveled the world and discovered that all that I have purchased is already available to me in Toronto. I love the mix of cultures, and the many different restaurants I have frequented. I have friends from all over the world. I was lucky enough to have a visiting princess meet me in 1979; she wanted to meet the most diversified high school in Toronto, and that was my own. As a student council member I was formally introduced! Then later in 1990 I was present when Princess Diana came through my hospital. Where else in the world could you meet a two princesses but in Toronto!

Which council decision (since the 2003 election) do you feel the city/your ward should be most proud of, and which was least desirable?

I was very happy when have bid for Olympics and the world’s fair. I have been to other countries and attended such functions. Toronto needs something like this to help the city financially and promote what a wonderful place Toronto is. I hope in the future we are awarded such an honour.

Least Desirable - Having the current city council administer themselves an 8% wage increase has to be the worst decision they have made to date. Their wages and increase should be decided by a non-patrician group with council kept out of the process.

(NON-INCUMBENTS ONLY) - If you were elected as a "rookie" councillor, What would you bring to the table beyond the incumbent?

I hope that I may bring a regular citizens outlook to city council. We need a balanced budget, after all everyone else in the general public has to work with the money they have. Lastly, we have to realize that we are paid by the people, we work for the people and we should all be accountable to the people on a daily basis.


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