Talk:California lead bullet ban moves forward

Article has been originally written and developed using information taken from the following sources:

California State Legislature notes "Analyses: Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act". California State Legislature, September 4, 2007 : bill will ban use of lead bullets for hunting (specific to hunting not other uses), monetary impact of hunting fee loss, California State Legislature notes "Bill History: Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act". California State Legislature, September 5, 2007 : supporters and opponents listed, arguments for and against, pro- Ca condor deaths , anti - not sure lead bullets to blame, attempt to stifle hunting/gun control California State Legislature notes "Unofficial Ballot". California State Legislature, September 6, 2007 : 25 - 13 vote Pedro Nava "AB 821". California State Legislature, April 19, 2007 Assemblymember Pedro Nava "Legislation to Save North America’s Largest Bird the Condor". Press Release, September 4, 2007 : quote from bill author regarding move forward.

National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action "Golden State Lead Ammunition Ban Sent to Governor’s Desk!". Action Alert, September 6, 2007 : asking for letter writing to governor, indicates lead studies inconclusive, quote cited from release

"Interview with Director of Conservation and Research". n/a, September 6, 2007 : Indicates that study done by ZSSD shows 24% death rate wild condors due to lead/ clarified lead bullets - no, lead fragments,dust probable origin from bullets, see these fragments in digestive system, ZSSD began working with condors in 1980's, only 13 left in world at that time, breeding, double clutching, reintroduction and tracking of birds in the wild

ALLAN MEE, BRUCE A RIDEOUT, JANET A. HAMBER, J. NICK TODD, GREG AUSTIN, MIKE CLARK and MICHAEL P. WALLACE "Junk ingestion and nestling mortality in a reintroduced population of California Condors Gymnogyps californianus". Bird Conservation International (2007) 17:1-13, September 6, 2007

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