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"Invade" is a loaded term, and in any case the article doesn't say anything about the methods used by the MST (i.e. "the invasion"). "Occupy" might be a fairer word to use, as the article speaks of MST members being on someone's land as a protest (i.e. "occupation" or "squatting"). (EoinDubsky - 09 Jan 2004)

It´s ok.

Other than this line: "Raul Pinto Farias, owner of the farm has said he will protest at Justice to expell out the MST of his property.", which I'm not sure I understand at all (what's Justice?), it's ready to go. Lyellin 16:24, 20 Nov 2004 (UTC)

It is my English :). I would apreciate if you help me. I think what I mean is Court. What do you do after your rights have been violated? I hope you can understand me. Feel free to change the text and make it better.

carlosar Nov 20 20:51:27 UTC 2004

"Also they use women and children against police." -Maybe those women and children are just MST. Check sexism involved in reporting that women aren't involved in revolutionary struggle! Plus this repeats the age-old authoritarian view that the "rebels" use women and children to incite state repression.

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Looking for current info in english to expand/support this article, and it's mighty thin actually.

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