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Journalist notesEdit

The information about field archery found in this article and in my notes came from sitting where I was advised to and talking to people there. The major source is noted in the notes. Beyond that, spelling came from the roster / competition sheet the field manager had on him. The competitors also gave me additional information before or after their end.

Not in my notes but happened: Was told there were multiple husband and wife teams. I saw one such pair, as the wife had her string come off and had her husband fix it. She had dry shot the bow on accident when she dropped it. Given a draw weight of 37ppi, the guys I was sitting with were sure the bow would not break when she tried to shoot it again, as with heavier draws, dry shooting a bow can often do that, if not then on the next draw.

Olympic comment: Trying to write really fast. Multiple causes for reasons to drop archery including small participation rates and really not being spectator friendly.

Not in notes: At least two members of Archery Australia were competing. According to field manager, they were not eligible for world championship selection.

After I left, the mother of one of the competitors talked to me for about five minutes. Her son was also trying for world championship selection. There is not much media coverage or photography at the event. (I suspect, outside of WIN TV, I was probably the major press coverage, hence the exceeding kindness. On the other hand, I generally find that to be true of all sport people I talk to.)

The distance comments... You can see the different distance thing in the pictures. This was also explained to me at the event, but fell into pretty obvious so didn't write it down. The shooters who were shooting longer distances shot first.

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