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I would like to be able to edit this article for grammar, spelling and other minor things just to clean it up, but I fear misquoting and/or misinterpreting the source(s). So far, the only reference I have found is the one supplied by the submitter, and because I know nothing of the Turkish language (indeed, I don't even know if the article referenced is Turkish!), I don't feel I am able to make any truly clarifying edits to this article.

Is there anyone out there that can either find more sources, or can read Turkish to get a bit better grasp of what needs to be cleaned up? -- Deadlyhead

I went ahead and edited it, anyway. I'd still feel much better if anybody could verify my edits in the source article and/or come up with some more sources. -- Deadlyhead 15:43 2005.12.25 (UTC)
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