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Somalia has 3,000 km of coastline(I is amazing isn't it). I have an idea. The G8 could enter into a long term lease of the coastal areas(maybe 100 years) and turn them into a tourist destination. All profits would go to the Somalian people via a UN controlled relief fund and 80% of all employees in the "G8 Zone" would have to be Somalian. Perhaps even some big hotel chains etc. would open up on a non-profit basis(there would be profits, but they would go to the Somalians)

Hopefully by the end of the 100 years the profits would have resulted in a new economy and infrastructure for the country.

It could be done as a pilot project and I am sure a lot of Europeans would go for the warm weather in the winter. Paulrevere2005 5 July 2005 20:34 (UTC)

I like this idea, although I suspect Somalia might not like the idea of the G8 taking over. But perhaps commercial leasing is exactly the sort of thing that would be more acceptable to countries than peacekeeping missions 'invading'. Forget non-profit, it should all be for sheer profit, but with the rules skewed to benefit as many locals as possible, you could have grants for business development and all sorts. Don't forget that Somalia is now in the 'tsunami' zone but I don't suppose that will put off the tourists for long.
Also the leasing would mean that the waters could be protecting from pirates by international navies.
Is there a SolutionsWiki? There should be! ClareWhite 6 July 2005 13:07 (UTC)

What happened to the article? Clicking on the article (which is currently the lead) leads me to a different article with different text. 5 July 2005 20:35 (UTC)

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