South Africa police staff arrested for fraud

Monday, June 2, 2008

South African media have reported that police staff in South Africa were arrested on allegations of fraud. Police said Saturday that nine people including six employees of the South African Police Service were arrested in Mpumalanga.

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South African Police Service
Image: NJR ZA.

A spokesperson for the police service, Captain Leonard Hlathi, said that the other three individuals have resigned from the police. Hlathi said that the individuals were arrested for fraud, corruption and theft, and allegedly defrauded South Africa of approximately R2.5-million (about US$327,000) between 2003 and 2007.

This was a syndicate that has cost the police service more than R2,5million and we believe we have made a breakthrough.

—Captain Leonard Hlathi, South African Police Service

"This was a syndicate that has cost the police service more than R2.5million and we believe we have made a breakthrough," said Hlathi.

Hlathi told the South African Press Association that the investigation began in April 2007 and showed that the suspects registered companies in the South Africa police database, though no existing files were found for the companies themselves. He said that three out of the five companies were found not to exist. The suspects were arrested on Friday by the Mpumalanga organized crime unit.

"We have a warrant of arrest that we are happy to execute against you right away. You are now under arrest on charges of fraud and you have the right to remain silent if you so wish," said Superintendent Obed Ngwenya, police organized crime unit head, prior to arresting one of the individuals.

The individuals arrested appeared in the Nelspruit magistrate's court on Friday. They were released with a subsequent court date set for June 21.


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