Retired hockey enforcer Tie Domi to sue coach of son's team

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Through a press release, by Tie Domi's lawyer Tuesday evening, it was revealed that Domi may initiate legal action against Lee Miller, coach of the Toronto Marlboros peewee AAA hockey club.

Domi, who retired from the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2006, was known as an enforcer and fighter during his playing days. Domi accrued the most penalty minutes of any player in the history of the Leafs and is ranked third overall for penalty minutes in the National Hockey League (NHL).

On Friday, March 30, Domi was involved in a verbal confrontation with coach Miller over differences of opinion on coaching styles and, allegedly, the amount of ice time Domi's son was receiving. Domi's 11-year-old son, Max, plays for the Marlboros.

According to a Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) media release yesterday, Domi had confronted Miller using, allegedly, foul and profane language. Toronto Police were called to the rink to deal with the situation, but no charges were laid.

On Monday, April 2, the GTHL received a formal complaint from Miller outlining his version of events. A review by the league is expected to finish up by April 18.

According to Symon Zucker, Domi's counsel, the suggestion that an assault, or threat of assault, by Domi had occurred during the altercation with Miller, was without merit. Although Zucker admitted that Domi and Miller did have a disagreement over Miller's coaching skills, he suggested the discussion did not escalate to threats. Zucker alleged that the police investigation, which cleared Domi of the allegations, left Miller dissatisfied and that Miller "decided to report his allegations to the media with the intent of embarrassing Mr. Domi."

Zucker indicated that Domi instructed him to put "Miller on notice of an intention to seek damages for libel and slander," according to the press release. "Mr. Miller's public campaign to discredit Mr. Domi is actionable and will be strenuously defended," said Zucker.