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APEC Australia 2007 comprises a series of meetings held around Australia between 21 member eocnomies of the Asia-Pacific region. Leaders week will be held in Sydney, New South Wales from 2 to 9 September, 2007 ending in a 2 day "leader's retreat" on September 8 and 9 where leaders meet to discuss various issues facing the region.

In the past the group has been primarily focused on trade issues, but this year climate change has been placed high on the agenda by Prime Minister John Howard.

Wikinews coverage edit

September 6, 2007 edit

Eight cast and crew members of the Australian television show The Chaser successfully breached the security surrounding the APEC sumit meeting in Sydney, Australia.
Using a cavalcade of three cars and two motorcycles branded with the Canadian Flag, the crew passed through two security check points before being stopped outside the InterContinental Hotel where United States President George W Bush was staying.

September 7, 2007 edit

According to the highest ranking police officer in New South Wales, the cast and crew of Australian TV show, The Chaser's War on Everything could have been shot during a prank staged in Sydney where they breached APEC security.
The comedians staged a fake motorcade to gain access to the APEC restricted area in Sydney's CBD. It is believed that the motorcade was waved through security checkpoints on Macquarie Street and ended up just metres from the hotel where United States President George W. Bush was staying. Police moved in on the group when one of the pranksters emerged from a vehicle dressed as Osama bin Laden.

September 8, 2007 edit

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has announced that leaders of APEC nations have agreed on "aspirational goals" on climate change. The agreement, which Prime Minister Howard calls the Sydney declaration focuses on reducing energy intensity (the amount of energy used to produce a dollar of gross domestic product), reforestation and technology sharing.
Leaders attending the APEC summit in Sydney, Australia have worn Driza-Bone coats for their traditional group photo in front of the Sydney Opera House. In APEC tradition, leaders wear attire which draws inspiration from the host nation's national costume.
Australia's choice was made by Prime Minister John Howard and his wife Janette. Australia does not have a national costume. In an APEC statement it was revealed that Driza-Bone had been consulted to produce an outfit that "captures the essence of Australia's culture and environment."
An anti-APEC rally through the streets of Sydney has attracted around 5000 demonstrators, with up to 18 arrests and two police injured. In the days leading up to the rally, police had warned that the demonstration could attract up to 20,000 people and turn into a full scale riot, however these fears were not realised.

September 9, 2007 edit

APEC Australia 2007 has officially closed in Sydney, with Australian Prime Minister John Howard delivering APEC's final declaration. The final leader's declaration said that APEC member economies will support the Doha trade talks and that the leaders examined a series of measures to deal with terrorism, pandemics, contaminated food, energy security and natural disasters.
Mr Howard said that the APEC members had decided to make "An urgent request to all countries involved in the Doha process to renew their efforts to achieve an outcome, emphasizing that agriculture and industrial products are the two priority areas".
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has thanked residents of host city Sydney for their patience during the APEC summit. Sydney was subject to the largest and tightest security operation ever seen in Australia.