Milošević may be jailed in Russia

Sunday, July 31, 2005

According to the Sunday Times, Slobodan Milošević, a former Serbian President currently standing trial before the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia accused of war crimes, may serve his sentence in Russia if convicted.

"He first asked for it two years ago and the idea was rejected, but over the past 15 months there have been more talks and the British and Americans have both quietly said they are okay with it. They want this thing over with," a Tribunal official said, according to the Sunday Times.

Milošević's wife, Mirjana Marković, is currently living in Moscow, and it is believed that their son Marko Milošević is also there. Both are wanted by Serbian authorities.

The news was met with disapproval among victims of Milošević's regime, as Russia is a traditional Serbian ally, and Putin's regime has generally been supportive of Milošević, so he may get preferential treatment.